Wednesday, November 24, 2004

What's Wrong Wit' My Black Folkz?

The recent events of drama pouring through the news and media outlets has been severely proving that we are in the last of the last days. Goes to show you that if you're not saved now, NOW is a good time to get your life in order.

The VIBE Awards' fiasco literally stunned me last week (and I am still trying to get over all of the drama). Quincy Jones, the magazine founder and co-host, presented Dr. Dre with a lifetime achievement award and all of a sudden...out of the blue...he is sucker-punched by a brother in the audience. Whatever the reasons were, it doesn't make sense and it only proves that folk have no sense of moral character anymore. Of course, my heart is strongly dedicated to gospel music - but I try to support other genres (especially if it's good music). I'm not a big hip-hop fan anymore since it is primarily a melting pot of ol' skool jams being sampled to ridiculous lyrics dipped in the heart of vulgarity - but I try to support the aims of the music industry as a whole. But this kind of event that took place at the VIBE Awards was a strong blow on the future for hip-hop, in my opinion.

Sad to say, most people will probably prejudge African Americans and box us all into one bad category just because a few bad apples don't know how to conduct themselves in public.

If I was Dr. Dre, I would fine Brother Young Buck since he represents my music firm and has attached the word "disgrace" to my label's image. The knife-stabbing was uncalled for and it even causes you to believe in the popular urban proverb:
"you can remove a Negro out of the hood, but you can't take the Negro out of a brotha'".

And now the hood comes to the NBA. Yikes, after one foul in the fourth quarter of a Piston/Pacers game, the audience is fouled as well; all thanks to Brother Artest of the Pacers, all because he was doused with beer from an angry fan. Because we have anger problems and cannot control our flarring tempers, the fight begins. Fist punches, drinks, chairs and bodies are being flung from one direction to the other...makes you wonder if the ball players today are also studying the handbooks of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) handbooks.

As I prepare to log off for the day, I just want to ask the question. "What's wrong wit' my black folkz?" After laboring the bloody streets of Selma, AL, marching our way to freedom to Washington D.C. and declaring "We shall overcome" on MLK Day each and every year, I would have thought we would have gotten better over the years. I truly believe Dr. King is rolling over in his grave on this day. So sad. If only I had some positive words to actually close this post.

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