Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Erik Dillard Vocal Clinic: Show Premiere

My good buddy Erik Dillard is doing big things! Some of you may remember him as an indie artist (releasing Great Things and The Basics) and for appearing on Bobby Jones Gospel years ago. Well, he's an excellent vocal technician with a strong background in vocal training, teaching and even music production. He's become a sensation on YouTube with his tutorials and vocal warm-up lessons - even internationally. Recently he posted one of the first episodes of his newly-invigorated Vocal Clinic, which features some neat warm-ups, vocal health specialist Crystal Sellers and a musical appearance from country songwriter/singer Cliff "Crash" Cody. Cool thing about it, it was taped before a live studio audience.

I enjoyed myself. Kinda wished I was there. The audience had fun and the viewers are as well.

Highlights (from me) include Cliff Cody's excellent song selection, that hilarious myth segment and the closing funky tongue twister performance at the end. Somebody is definitely going to sign up that band for a job well-done. And shout-out to the "Sherberts."

And for gospel viewers, the big question arises during the Q&A segment: "Is there a proper and great way to growl when singing?" Check out the videos to learn the answer.

According to Dillard, more episodes are soon to be posted, so be sure you subscribe to his YouTube page and keep checking out for more updates. Live tapings for the Erik Dillard Vocal Clinic will resume this fall.

See two segments of Episode 2 below.

Erik Dillard Vocal Clinic
Erik Dillard Vocal Clinic [YouTube]

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