Monday, April 20, 2009

106 & Gospel Cancelled

We kind of saw it coming.

Originally hearld as cable's answer to reaching the hip-hop community with gospel, BET officially announced their decision to cancel 106 & Gospel; sighting poor ratings to be the show's determining fate.

According to Black Voices guru Jawn Murray, the show was nixed from BET's lineup due to its horrific airtime on Sunday at 12 noon - a time when most of their target audience were likely to be at church.

The show, which featured hosts Angel Taylor (Trin-i-tee 5:7) and Jor'el Quinn (21:03) and guest appearances from Tye Tribbett and Kierra Sheard, became gospel music's golden token in helping reach the hip-hop community and newer audiences when it was announced to be the spin-off of the urban-focused, video countdown show 106 & PARK; which airs on weekdays and is still hearld as BET's #1 show in ratings (according to Wikipedia at current press time).

EJ Gaines, of popular gospel blog Gospel Pundit, began an online protest over the outrage of the show's cancellation by posting a petition to keep the show alive. After securing more than 1,600 signatures, BET released an official press statement from executive vice-president Stephen Hill in response to the grassroots campaign. The statement mentioned they "will continue to create new and exciting shows to entertain our audience. However, at times we must also face the hard task of making tough programming decisions, as in the case of 106 & GOSPEL, which was recently cancelled."

To see the 106 & GOSPEL online petition, click here.

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Anonymous said...

sadly when i saw the title "106 & gospel cancelled" i too said... i saw that coming

but what can you say? your target audience is at church...

how's bobby jones' next generation doing?

probmass2 said...

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Kadeem said...

Well I believe this wasnt just something done in the natural..Spiritual The devil Would Love to make sure that the word isnt being Brought to the forefront on top of the body of Christ increasing...On our efforts to draw souls we must live accord to the word cause soon Saying Jesus Name would be forbidden on T.V...and you guy have to see that whenever there is a show with values containing the gospel, They Get shutoff...for Instance: Touched By an angel...One of the greatest shows but yet " It wasnt getting an audience rating that they were looking for" Thats just to shut oout anything that God has to offer...