Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Music Ball Cancelled

Last night, TMZ reported that some of the dozen planned inauguration balls were in deep trouble due to poor ticket sales. The American Inauguration Ball, headed by music legend Dionne Warwick, was cancelled for those reasons. Her party was set to feature headliners including Yolanda Adams, George Clinton, Chaka Khan, Marvin Sapp, Smokie Norful and Kirk Franklin. Alongside with her star-studded event, the joint party for the kids at the Hip-Hop Ball, which featured hip-hop stars Ludacris and T-Pain, was also axed at the last minute. Ticket sales proved to be a troubling factor for both events, with sales reaching over $450.

At Gawker, a popular online blog, they decided to leave some extra commentary on the subject after it was revealed how pricey the tickets were going. "Like subprime mortgages packaged up and resold as AAA bonds, the promoters were hoping they could transform their ball scams, through some alchemy, into Obama gold. We may feel bad for Warwick — but not for the fool who hired her."

But they also forgot to report the big truth: Dionne booked too many gospel acts. You know folk ain't going to pack a music hall for a gospel concert even for $50. $450 is really pushing it.

Dionne Warwick Not Having a Ball at Inauguration [Gawker]


Anonymous said...

your report was much appreciated. i guess the promoter failed to consult the Psychic Friends Network....

Anonymous said...

sad but true.

you right: the saints will pay $50 - $100 for a secular concert but barely pay tithes. What?

But even for that kind of event $450?? Who are you marketing to?