Thursday, August 28, 2008

No VIBE for Tye Tribbett

Wow, if I had wrote this review, I probably would have been viewed as one of the biggest haters in the industry. But I like to be honest and real with my readers...and I'm so glad that their are outlets out there in the press that are fighting to make a change and difference with the freedom of speech. Linda Hobbs of VIBE Magazine recently wrote a very truthful album review of Tye Tribbett & G.A's pop-less recent release, StandOut, and critically breaks the album down better than I did.

"If those fossilized relics we call “albums” have been replaced by the live show, then the leaders of the new school ought to be gospel artists, who get a chance to practice their chops every Sunday. The boss of this genre is Tye Tribbett, a young, beanpole-looking belter who dances orgasmically and grins like a madman. But unlike his stylistic predecessor Kirk Franklin, Tribbett hasn’t gotten much shine around pop land. StandOUT, his third album for a major label—and his second live effort—offers strong evidence for why he’s failed to hit the stratosphere. Like so many live zealots, Tribbett struggles to translate his rapturous stage presence beyond the congregation."

On the title track, Tribbett and his choir, Greater Anointing, begin with a holy order: “It’s time for you to choose whose side you’re going to be on /...all we have to do is stand /…Rise up!” But even with the Anointing, Tribbett can’t transcend. Take “Let Us Worship”: It’s big, bombastic—and boring. There’s clatter, but no impact. And “I Made It Through” fails to merge the old with the new: Tambourines, a schizo brass free-for-all, and an ecstatic organ blare as the choir squeals, “He’s so faithful!” And yes, He is…if only we could feel Him."

Now if i used words like "boring," "schizo" and "beanpole" in a review, would I be destined to go to hell? Many of my readers tend to think so. But let's not revisit the past.

To read the VIBE album review online,
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