Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Youthful Praise Back With CD/DVD Combo

Nashville, TN: The Bridgeport, CT-based choir and charismatic director James “JJ” Hairston along with Youthful Praise, are back at it again with the CD/DVD combo release of “Exalted… Live in Baltimore ” (Evidence/Light Records). Set to release May 13, 2008, the 35 member aggregation recorded their live performance at Baltimore ’s Church of the Redeemed of the Lord. The project is packed with cameos by Judith McAllister, Ted Winn (Ted & Sheri), Jordan Martin, Timiney Figueroa Caton & Steve Lawrence, and Hairston’s mother-in-law, Gloria White, and is guaranteed to have viewers dancing and singing praises.

With 20 years and five albums under their belt it was only natural for YP to finally release their first DVD. Much like the album, there is something on the DVD that will impact everyone. “We try to bring the church service to the listeners and viewers,” says Hairston. So much like a church service, YP fashions their album accordingly: praise and worship which leads to worship ballads in preparation of the word, the message, and closing praise.

All with YP flair there are worship anthems such “He is Exalted/Give You Praise” and “Glory and Honor” featuring Judith Christie McAllister, up-tempo pop-rock tracks, “Everything is Changed” and “You Are” featuring Jordan Martin, congregational tunes such as “Sincerity” and “Jesus Reigns”, street rhythms such as “Freedom” and the rousing modern disco vibe of “Spirit of God.” Consistent with YP’s praise mantra there is the call and response tune, “I Will Give You Praise” (featuring Timiney Figueroa Caton & Steve Lawrence) that stylistically lends a resemblance to “Incredible God, Incredible Praise.” Led by Hairston’s mother-in law, Evangelist Gloria White, “Satisfied” will remind YP enthusiasts of the traditional Pentecostal feet stomping and fast piano playing. To close out the taping is the soulful groove of “Wonderful God” which was written and led by Ted Winn of the Stellar award winning duo, Ted & Sheri.

While YP has stayed true to glorifying God, YP has certainly grown over the last two decades they have been performing together. There sound has matured, there praise has impacted lives, and their experiences have changed their outlook. But even with the changes Hairston exclaims, “We worship, we praise, we dance, and we shout! And we try to present all of that in our music as well.”

“I hope and pray that believers will truly be encouraged to praise God after listening to this record. I want them to believe every word He says without doubt. In a day like today, our faith has to be stronger than ever before,” Hairston shares.

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Anonymous said...

Youthful Praise has not released a good project since their first two. I feel their selections are just something thrown together and no thought put into the project, just a rush job. It's not "churchy" like the first two. I feel with all that wonderful vocal ability, JJ can choose much better selections for the choir. Furthermore, he needs to decrease and put the emphasis back on the choir and not him!