Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Raising PRAYZE, My Tribute Plugs

Okay PRAYZEHYMN Family and Visitors. We are at a very crucial time in our campaign for excellence in gospel music. We are aiming to raise $1,500 for our RAISING PRAYZE Fundraising Campaign this year - to help offset the financial turbulence of the website, hosting, our very first 24-7 online radio station and other fees. It costs a good penny each month and usually it comes out of a brother's pocket. Call it a labor of love. But with your help, we can make this a communal effort and to help keep the website moving forward.

The official deadline for the RAISING PRAYZE Fundraising Campaign is April 25, 2008. And we have a LONG way to go. We receive traffic figures daily to the site; totalling an average of 500 hits a day. Imagine if each visitor contributes $5 bucks, we can truly make a difference.

So help in this worthy cause and help keep PRAYZEHYMNOnline.com moving in the right direction. Consider donating today.

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Even though Black History Month 2008 has quickly left us, we felt it was befitting to ask a number of gospel artists including Tyscot Records' VaShawn Mitchell, Integrity Music's Ken Reynolds and JJ Hairston of Youthful Praise who are their musical heroes. We were moved in their contributions and felt like sharing their wealth of knowledge to the public. Entitled MY TRIBUTE, this ended up becoming an excellent way to pay respects to those that laid down the foundation for today's generation of gospel artists. Check out this awesome exclusive at PRAYZEHYMNOnline.com by
clicking here.

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