Monday, September 11, 2006

Where's The Care For The Bear

Ruben Studdard, along with Juanita Bynum and Jonathan Butler, arrived on Birmingham soil together on May 7 for an enriching musical experience to be put on tape and recorded. The event featured selected compositions featuring the GGC Symphony Orchestra and Choir (headed by professor Dr. Henry Panion, III) and was labeled "Gospo Goes Classical". It was not the first time this kind of event was done...a year before that Panion brought the GospoCentric label in with Dorinda Clark-Cole, Byron Cage and Tramaine Hawkins (whom could not make it because of an emergency) using the same platform and idea. But this time around, Studdard along with the other guests were bound to face a live recording - with a release on the praise-and-worship Maranatha! music label. He performed "I Need An Angel" with an amazing symphonic arrangement and also sung a song dedicated to the richness and pride of the state of Alabama.

But rumors surfaced and were later confirmed when ads begin to hit the media announcing Studdard's obvious omission from the project.

"I don't think they could get the stuff together with Maranatha! and J Records. But we recorded it in Birmingham about three months ago." said Studdard when interviewed with BV's Buzz columnist Jawn Murray. But Studdard is far from bitter over the experience. "Ah man, Jonathan Butler hands down is one of the best singer's I've ever heard in my life. And you know Juanita just goes without saying. She's a blessing man, and I enjoyed being with the both of them."

The R&B/inspirational gospel crooner will be releasing October 17 his upcoming "The Return" on J Records. Plenty of people have questioned him about his quietness in the music world but he clearly speaks about his activeness and believes that his upcoming project will end the rumors of any ideas of disappearing from the industry. The album promises to focus on his R&B/soul roots and will feature production from R&B/hip-hop sensation Ne-Yo.

Now, our attention shifts to Maranatha and J Records. What the heck happened? Do we have any care for the Velvet Teddy Bear? Can we all just get alone?

Ruben Studdard

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Anonymous said...

I was present for the live recording and it will go down in the history as 'the experience'. It is such a shame that tptb could not get their act together where Ruben is concerned because he is a missing piece from the puzzle. No doubt Jonathan Butler and Juanita Bynum did their thing and delivered life changing performances. I will just miss the sweet melodic sounds of Rubens tenor/barritone ripping up the place