Friday, November 25, 2005

Whatcha Lookin' At?

Over the last couple of weeks, rumors and the latest gossip in the gospel music industry lit up like a hot barbecue in middle of July over Kirk Franklin's past lifestyle connected to pornography. Amazingly, Franklin has come "out of the closet" about his addiction and has silenced many of those accusations by boldly coming forth with his deliverance.

This comes at a very good time, especially since a few months ago the gospel superstar dropped his most recent collection entitled "Hero" on the GospoCentric/Zomba music label. Now Franklin is on a crusade and a controversial one at that to take his message to the masses by appearing on
Oprah. The Queen of Talk will be featuring Franklin on today's episode (Nov. 25) so set your TiVo please. This is a definite must-see, especially since we all know by now Oprah's stylish and strategic manuevers of asking the cutting-edge questions. She don't hold anything back...but we do expect a lil' grace from O since she is interviewing a gospel celebrity.

And no, there's no details on what type of porn Kirk "preferred". He never specified, so don't ask me. Expect a follow-up on the show right here.

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