Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Israel Visits The Motherland

Gospel albums being recorded overseas is nothing new to the gospel music community. Donnie McClurkin had a chart-topping success with his "Live In London" project, while fellow contemporaries including Hezekiah Walker and Rev. Timothy Wright paved the way for him with their very own projects in the U.K. But Integrity Gospel does the remarkable: going to a place that is past due. South Africa. Over the years, South Africa, along with their most celebrated hero of faith, Nelson Mandela, has experienced torterous decades of below-the-line poverty, even centuries, of global neglect and suffering including slave trade and the latest epidemic, the increasing population affected with AIDS. But above it all, South Africa celebrates a new day, a new season and continues to triumph by showing the world that there is much more to dwell on.

Add praise-and-worship done in gospel style to their new season of refreshing change. All thanks to Israel Houghton and New Breed. The profound success of their "Live From Another Level" double-CD project caused a major stir of excitement within the gospel industry, especially when word leaked out that Houghton would take his next recording overseas to Capetown, South Africa. And this is not just another album either.

Two CDs packed with new material featuring the first-released single "Not Forgotten" and the joyous "Favor of The Lord" and even a medley of his most treasured compositions ("New Season", "Your Latter Will Be Greater", "Again I Say Rejoice", "Friend Of God" and "You Are Good") are too die for. Add R&B/jazz icon Jonathan Butler to the mix and a neat hologram cover and you are bound to rush to the register with this album in your sweaty palms. This is sure to send Kirk Franklin's "Hero" project down a notch or two on Billboard Gospel charts this week, no doubt. Remember, two CD projects constitute as two units. So when you purchase ten copies of "Alive In South Africa", you are actually buying twenty units, according to Billboard. How clever.

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