Monday, June 20, 2005

Did God Block It?

"There were dangers awaiting me. Destruction was sure to be, but thank God for angels that were shielding, and protecting and looking out for me. Thank You Lord! The devil had a plan to kill me I know, but God intercepted his plan, and told the devil, NO! GOD BLOCKED IT!"
-Kurt Carr, lyrics to "God Blocked It"

The lyrics are powerful, inspiring and certainly a testament of God's favor and bountiful blessings. And even though God's Word comfirms in John 10:10 that the enemy (Satan) attempts to kill, steal and destroy us, God proves how merciful he is to us all by gracing us with "second chances". Let's be realistic though, God gives us third, fourth, fifth chances and so on.

But the gospel according to Kurt Carr, in chapter 45, verse 7, has comfirmed that God certainly blocked the peanlty of imprisonment in the most recent and scandalous trial of the year against the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The gospel artist uses his song off of his new album, "One Church", to speak of God's loving kindness towards the odd-ball superstar; even though Carr does believe Jacko to be weird in some ways to normal standards. "Even if "we" thought he deserved it, clearly God intervened and blocked Michael Jackson's demise! I actually feel that God obviously has a work for Michael Jackson to do.", Carr suggests in his press release using the juggernaut promotion outlet of Black Gospel Promo last week.

To some, this statement may be old news, but this week a huge resurgance or a revival of Carr's epistle to the church (and world) has taken place. And it seems like some are not eager to agree with him on this touchy subject. My goodness, anyone in the Church who dares to speak on this issue in public has to be a bold one, for real. It's pretty obvious that half of the country believes the jury was probably in Michael's Fan Club, or had sympathy for his future. And let it be said that Michael, with all of his controversy surrounding his nose jobs, Neverland's akward activity, skin color alterations and his obsession with sleeping with young boys in the same bed, has upsetted a good number of conservative Americans (*cough* the 700 Club, lol). So Carr should have expected such a backlash.

It has come to my attention that Carr is being stomped upon on message boards and blog zones sponspored by our fellow counterparts in the Contemporary Christian music camp. Even though I'm not a member of any of those boards and groups online, I'm pretty sure those accusations are true, even though it's still considered a rumor.

My comment on this: Let's pray for Michael and Kurt Carr both. That's what real believers should do. Even though I feel like Carr thought this would be another way to help market his new project (piggy-backing on someone's fame and fortune - smart campaign move by the way), Carr doesn't need to be condemned for speaking his mind. But at the same time, this is reality. People judge us whether we do good or wrong. So let's just pray for the both of them. And let God's Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Good enough for me.

BTW, please don't write me asking for my opinion on Carr's statements about Michael. I got enough "hatemail" as is. LOL.

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Good word - thanks for the reminder.