Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Special Note from the Editor

It is offical. And it's been fun.

Since 2004, Blogger has been a wonderful location for me to blog my thoughts, posts the lates news and deliver some incredible commentary. I've especially enjoyed the interactivity my followers have had with my posts and with other bloggers' thoughts.

But it's time to move on to newer horizons. Closing this chapter here isn't terrible news for me since we have opened up MainIngredient; the new blog associated with PRAYZEHYMN and MainStreet. The coverage there won't be so narrow since we have adopted a new philosophy to cover everything good in pop culture. Covering only gospel music led me to become pigeonholed into a specific genre and conversation topic; grouped in with conservative, Christian-related bloggers. Being boxed in to a specific format like that wasn't always enjoyable for me since I am a liberal guy who loves pop culture and also grew up on a beautiful variety of music choices.

And so, I am signing off on the PRAYZE Report. If you are looking for exclusive details and information related specifically related to gospel music, I urge you guys to check out the following blogs.
The Black Gospel Blog will continue to cover gospel music, just not as much. It will begin template renovations beginning this month and will reshape its focus of coverage on other music styles and genres including rock, pop and R&B/soul. Notice we even changed our motto. It's not just "where gospel music lives." It's "where good music lives." I'm on a mission to keep good music out there.

Expect MainStreet to cover the pop culture-related stuff while will cover a broader range of topics and material - including extensive commentary pieces, articles and even more interviews.

By the way, I will begin posting a series of personal blogs detailing the reasons of my shift from gospel music. And I promise you it's going to be worth reading. It will cause you re-think the music you buy and quickly label "anointed", trust me. First post goes up next week. So be there for that.

Major kudos go out to Rod McCullom at Rod 2.0. You were the inspiration behind me launching this blog. Thanks for leading me to make this choice and to enter into the world of blogging.